Sentosa Merlion Tower: Another Must-Visit Merlion in Singapore

Sentosa Merlion Tower might be not the first thing that cross your mind. If this is your first time in goes to Singapore, people around you may suggest the most popular one. Yes, the Merlion that located in the Merlion Park. But, just in case you are a Merlion enthusiast or looking for another anti-mainstream Merlion, the suggestion will be Sentosa Merlion Tower. The word ‘tower’ in the last sentence probably will lead you to imagine that this Merlion is very tall. Correct, you’re not wrong! This lion-head creature has 37-metre-tall that will bring you the new experience in Singapore!

Before we jump to other information related to this super big Merlion, we should know one thing first. The legend of the Merlion. People of Singapore believe that Merlion is like their guardian angel. Long long time ago, this mystical creature visited the Sentosa island for every year. The visit was meant to keep the people there safe. But one day, the Sentosa Island was hit by a terrible storm and the people on the island was in horror. Seeing that, the Merlion tried to protect the island and the people by fighting the storm with its amazing magical power. And voila, the storm was gone and the people lived happily ever after since then.

Since the legend took place in Sentosa Island, that is why the Merlion Tower is built on this island. You may hear many versions of this legend from the local people that you meet in the town. It should be making you more excited to visit this Merlion Tower. If you’re planning to go there, don’t worry. It is so easy to reach. There are 3 ways to go to Sentosa Merlion Tower. First one is taking Sentosa Express from Sentosa Station. The Sentosa Station is located in VivoCity 3rd Floor Lobby L. After that you can head to Imbiah Station and stop there. The second one is taking bus. You can choose bus with number 1/2/3 and get off at Merlion Plaza. Last but not least, you can take Cable Car and stop at Merlion Sentosa Station.

Unlike the Merlion in Merlion Park, you can reach to its peak in Sentosa Merlion Tower. When you are in the tower, you can see a video that telling you a legend about Merlion. Then, you can get the bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island on the top! Don’t forget to try your luck there by ringing the lucky bell. Legend said if you ring this bell, you will get luck once you return home. Make sure you book the admission ticket of Sentosa Merlion Tower on BeFree Tour website or application and get the best offering made just for you! (HN)

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