Nusa Penida Land Tour: The Right Destination outside the Mainland


If you seek a tour that will help you find the paradise on earth, Nusa Penida Land Tour will be a perfect choice. The island of Bali has numerous surroundings that are amazing to discover. A remote place, virgin beach, and secluded island have been everyone’s dream. The hustle bustle of Bali might put you into boredom and exhausted. That is why you need to make a little time to disconnect from all of them. It’s easy. All you need to do just join into this tour. After that, let the tour takes you to wonderful adventure ever in your life!

For your information, tons of people have fallen in love with Nusa Penida Island. Apart from the mainland of Bali, the island guarantees you the splendid natural vistas that will feast your visual. Moreover, the calm and peaceful atmosphere felt are also the reason why people want to have a short escape to this island. Even though Bali already has so many exotic beaches and destinations, the places are always crowded and hectic. Therefore, it is important for you to get some disconnection to the place where you can find your own peace.

The first spot of the tour after you reach the Nusa Penida Island is Kelingking Cliff. Just so you know, the cliff is the best sightseeing spot on the island. When you arrived at its peak, prepare to be wowed by its incredible vistas. As you standing on the top, you can feel the breeze blows and look the jaw-dropping aquamarine-colored ocean right in front of your eyes. Don’t be afraid to get exhausted. The long stairs are available at the cliff to make the guest feel more comfortable in reaching the top of the cliff.

After the amazing cliff, now it’s time for the beaches! The tour will proceed to Angel’s Billabong. This is the place where you can find the picturesque lagoon that would hypnotize you to swim. You can even see the bottom since the water is totally clear. Next, move to Broken Beach where you can see the broken cliffs that create a hole in the middle. Last is Crystal Bay. You can experience snorkeling and discover the marine life under the waves. Seems exciting, doesn’t it? If you think so, feel free to join the tour with Wandernesia. As one of the trusted tour platform, you can make a reservation of the tour through the quick booking process. So, what are you waiting for? (HN)

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